Nassau County Insider
Adrienne Burke
Assistant Director
Planning and Economic Opportunity
March 5, 2019 6:00 p.m.

Nassau County Board of County Commissioners and Planning and Economic Opportunity Department are kicking off a major corridor design plan for a 13 mile segment of A1A/SR200 in Yulee. The planning process is envisioned to be completed by the end of 2019.

The Nassau County Board of County Commissioners has engaged GAI Consultants to work with the County in completing a corridor design plan for the State Road 200/A1A/ Buccaneer Trail Corridor from Police Lodge Road west of I-95 and continuing east to the Intracoastal Waterway, approximately 13.18 miles. The study will provide specific recommendations for segments identified along the SR 200/A1A Corridor including but not limited to: creation of place-based segments along the Corridor; context-sensitive land use and zoning recommendations; design and implementation strategies for signage, wayfinding, and identity; and low impact design strategies for addressing stormwater in a comprehensive way.

Envisioned as the Timber to Tides Trail, the goals of the study are to transform SR 200/A1A into a place that functions not just as a major roadway, but a place that provides different opportunities for living and working, and creates a sense of place in Nassau County based on our community’s history, character, and quality of life. The County seeks a plan for the Corridor so that it will be functional and of value to the community over the long-term. The study will emphasize community identity, enhance the public realm and streetscape, encourage recreation and bicycle and pedestrian activity, promote compact mixed-use development patterns, and improve environmental quality and floodplain management, while also attracting private investment and making use of already developed sites.

Public engagement and outreach will be forthcoming. To stay engaged, please visit

The Nassau County Planning and Economic Opportunity Department is charged with leading long-range and current planning for the community, with a focus on technical planning, implementation and management of the Land Development Code and Comprehensive Plan, development and site plan review, and assistance to citizens, the Board of County Commissioners, County Manager and other staff, advisory boards, government agencies, and the private sector regarding growth and development in Nassau County. For more information on our Plan, Code, or current initiatives, visit, call (904) 530-6300 or email [email protected]

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Vince Cavallo
Vince Cavallo(@grandvin)
4 years ago

Silly me, I would have thought this type planning would have been done before the wrecking ball and plow were put to work in a tornadic fashion. Someone in the planning department was reported to have recently stated the “development” along SR 200 was not sustainable. Really? It is sustainable in a way actually, it is a sustained disaster.

Dave Lott
Dave Lott (@guest_54618)
4 years ago

Vince, spot on! Guess better late than never.

bill birdsong
bill birdsong(@wmbirdsongyahoo-com)
4 years ago

We moved here 20 years ago and said it will take more than our life time for A1A to become Blanding Blvd…took about five years. They were even proposing a row of trees be left to hide the strip malls. Didnt work out. That horse left the barn years ago.

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