Colonial Dames lunch

Princess Amelia Colonial Dames
CONTACT: Georgia Murray, President
[email protected]
April 13, 2018 3:00 p.m.

The Princess Amelia Chapter of the Colonial Dames of the XVII Century took a break from their community service work and gathered recently for an early celebration of Spring.

Seated left to right at the Down Under Restaurant are Sarah Shumrak, Ann Fontaine, Rumsey Young, Peggy Snyder, Judy Bouchard, Lisa Bauer, Barrie Hooley, Sherry Harrell, Cara Curtin, Georgia Murray, Susan Kosciulek, Jean Mann, Joanne Templeton, and Jane Collins.

Colonial Dames XVII Century is a national lineage-based organization of women with documented ancestors living in the country before 1701. Its primary mission is the preservation of historic sites and records, promotion of heraldry and coats of arms, support of charitable projects, and the education of the nation’s children.

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Judith Lane
Judith Lane(@judithlaneaol-com)
5 years ago

That would mean ancestors of settlers of twelve of the original thirteen colonies, counting the Carolinas as one. There was no country in 1701. No Georgia, definitely no Florida. Are the descendants of slaves allowed as members? Just interested, as there are several of these organizations, some with very strict eligibility requirements.