Coalition for the Homeless Meeting Coming Up

The next community meeting for the Coalition for the Homeless – Nassau County will be held August 17, 6-7 p.m. at the Fernandina Beach Golf Club, 2800 Bill Melton Road.

Amanda Rosado, Chief Operating Officer for the Florida Housing Coalition will present “It’s all about Housing” and the current status of affordable housing in Nassau County.

The Florida Housing Coalition provides “professional consulting services through training and technical assistance on housing and related issues; supports community-based partnerships in leveraging resources; and advocates for policies, programs and use of funding resources that maximize the availability and improve the quality of housing in Florida.” The coalition carries out this mission recognizing that affordable housing is an integral part of the community.

The Coalition for the Homeless – Nassau County works to prevent homelessness in Nassau County and to coordinate with other organizations to help persons receive the services they need. The coalition is non-sectarian, non-partisan, and non-profit and has been assisting those in need since 2006.

Additional information can be found at

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Noble Member
10 months ago

Is this meeting open to the public?

Kathy Blacklock
Active Member
Kathy Blacklock(@blacklock)
10 months ago
Reply to  WaynesBit

Yes. It is described as a community meeting.

Active Member
10 months ago

Thank you for posting! This free program is open to everyone and we encourage you to attend. The Coalition for the Homeless of Nassau County has a Facebook page where you can see current events and needs in the community. Looking forward to seeing you this Thursday at 6:00!

Ben Martin
Noble Member
Ben Martin(@ben-martin)
10 months ago

Gee, if we had one central bank that owned all the property in the world – and we had Universal Basic Income – then nobody would own anything – and we could all rent a place to live.

Or on the other hand we could address the illegal activities of banks and other financial institutions.

We could stop the “inflation tax” by greatly curtailing Federal Government Expenditures.

We could bring back manufacturing by simplifying the tax code and only pursuing those environmental protection measures that actually make sense.

We could enable the middle class by eliminating a ton of regulations – that seem designed to make small business operations difficult. It is as if everything will soon be turned into a big box store.

We live in a country where it is very easy to become homeless. And until we get problems with our political leadership worked out – the homeless deserve all of our compassion.