City commission candidate Pat K. Gass explains how to bring closer cooperation between the city and county

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Pat K. Gass, City Commission Candidate Group 5

Pat K. Gass, Candidate Group 5

Please explain how you would be able to bring about closer cooperation between the city and the county to lower taxes and improve efficiency.

“In the hierarchy of government, the city commission is on the lower tier and then the county commission.  Meeting the County Commission with a positive, professional, and pleasant demeanor will be the key to success.  We (the city commission) should arrive at these meetings with our most humble of personas assumed.  Leave all our demands at home and carry with us a spirit of cooperation and a positive plan to address our problems.  Working together we can successfully serve all those of this city and those in the county.”

Editor’s Note:  This is the fifth question in a series of seven posed to candidates for the Fernandina Beach City Commission.   The answers come to our readers unedited and in the candidates own words.  We rotate the order of candidates from week to week.  Ed Boner and incumbent Tim Poynter will seek Group 4, John Campbell Elwell and Pat K Gass will seek  Group 5.

October 10, 2012 12:10 p.m.