Arts in the Marsh — Last-Minute Thrill

Are you looking for a unique arts experience surrounded by nature? Then you must visit “Arts in the Marsh,” located at Kayak Amelia, 13030 Heckscher Dr., 12-3 p.m. July 9.

Here, you can witness dancers performing on a floating stage, musicians playing their instruments amidst the beauty of nature, and visual artists showcasing their creative work. It’s a magical and immersive way to experience art that you won’t forget!

Don’t worry about seating. Bring your own chair and settle into the natural surroundings as you enjoy the array of arts performances and exhibits. “Arts in the Marsh” is the perfect option for those seeking a blend of imagination and the outdoors.

Free Event!

Robyn Lamp- Amelia Island Opera
JB Acro Duet
Jacksonville Dance Theatre
Island Aerial Danceworks
Bill Gallerizzo- Guitar
Jax Taco Truck
Many more dancers