Another area code coming to Northeast Florida

June 10, 2022

904 Area Code

The Florida Public Service Commission recently announced that due to significant population growth, a second area code will soon be assigned to new telephone numbers in Northeast Florida.  People currently assigned to the 904 Area Code will continue to keep that code.  But new numbers will be assigned to the 324 Area Code.  The two area codes will cover the same geographic area.  No date has been announced yet for the assignment of the new area code.

The change will be implemented over a 13-month period with the first six months needed to prepare telecommunications networks.

The change will require all local calls to use 10-digit dialing — the area code plus the seven-digit phone number.

In the last 10 years, the U.S. Census reports that the city’s population grew by nearly 130,000. By 2024, the longstanding 904 area code is expected to run out of phone number combinations.


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Mark Tomes
Mark Tomes(@mtomes)
1 year ago

I remember as a kid one only had to dial 3 numbers to reach someone in FB. Then it went to 4 after some growth. When you had to dial the last digit of the prefix plus the 4 numbers, it was outrage. Too much growth! Now I have an out-of-state phone number and have to dial 11 numbers (the phone puts the first “1” in for me). Still, too much growth!

Diana Green
Diana Green (@guest_65374)
1 year ago

I agree with the comments on this matter, it grow too fast.