Anne Oman, Journalist and Observer Writer

We are saddened to report that Anne Oman, who served for nine years as a reporter-at-large for the Fernandina Observer, died suddenly on February 8, 2024. Since many in our community knew Anne through her work with the Fernandina Observer and area non-profits, we wish to pay tribute to Anne and her contributions to our community.

In 2013, Anne joined the volunteer staff of the Fernandina Observer as a reporter at large. She was a seasoned writer whose articles appeared in a number of publications, including the Washington Post, Washington Star, and National Geographic World. She reported on noteworthy events in our community, “Fernandina marchers call for justice, equality;” and “Fernandina’s “Sister March”: an exuberant, eclectic, peaceful parade.” As an excellent cook, “An interview with Jacques Pepin, chef and snowbird extraordinaire,” was one assignment she enjoyed the most.

Anne was involved with the arts community, the Amelia Island Museum of History as a docent, and The Friends of the Library Book Club as a founding member and an occasional discussion leader.

Anne authored four books, two on bicycling. She wrote a novella, “Mango Rains,” drawn on her experience as a young Foreign Service Officer in Cambodia and Indonesia. During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, she Zoomed book clubs and bookstores, with an occasional in-person appearance, to promote her newly released book.

Her exceptional writing skills were a gift to the Fernandina Observer and the entire community the news blog served. Even though she had not lived long in Fernandina Beach, she embraced people and causes and quickly became one of those dependable volunteers who make the island run. Although in her 80s, Anne could be seen regularly riding her bike around town, always wearing her helmet. She will be remembered by her many friends for her wit, her intelligent writing, her tenacity and her love of Fernandina Beach.”


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AI Fan
AI Fan(@aifan)
1 month ago

Anne was a lovely lady, and so talented. She created her docent script easily, using all the facts we convey, and it read like a story because of her talent. I am proud to have known her. Will there be any local celebration of her life?

1 month ago

I was very saddened to read of Anne’s passing. She was a wonderful lady and an excellent writer. Prayers of peace for her and all who loved her.

David | FO Tech
David | FO Tech(@revel-design)
1 month ago

This is very sad
Active Member
[email protected](@memaguireaol-com)
1 month ago

I am sorry to hear that Anne has passed. Her work was memorable and important, and she will be missed.