Uncle Sam wants you to complete your 2020 Census questionnaire!

August 8, 2020


We at the Fernandina Observer want to underscore the importance of the 2020 Census, especially in this era of the coronavirus pandemic.  Local governments will be strapped for funds to provide for the health, safety and relief of affected residents and families.  It will take another ten years to recoup Census undercounts.  The distribution of federal funds relies on population counts recorded in the Census.  Already we have heard that Florida may lose Congressional representation due to the slow response of our populace to Census questionnaires.

If you misplaced your Census form — or never receiived one; if you forgot to complete the form and/or to mail it in; or if you can’t remember if you completed a census form online —  take heart!  Visit the 2020 Census website at https://my2020census.gov and complete the Census questionnaire online.  There you will also find lots more information about the Census, how the information is gathered, and how it is used.

Do it now, before you forget, to insure that Florida gets its fair share of representation and federal funding.

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