Nassau Health Dept. Director provides sobering situation report on County Covid status

Submitted by Cindy Jackson
July 30, 2021


Dr. Prince Danso-Odei

“We’re not looking good.”

“If you are sick, please stay home.”

“The only way to defeat COVID is through vaccination.”

Those were just a few of the comments made by Dr. Prince Danso-Odei, the new Director of the Florida Department of Health for Nassau County at the Board of County Commissioners meeting held on July 26, 2021.

Speaking to the ongoing threat of COVID-19, Dr. Danso-Odei said that it is going to get worse before it gets better. He referred to the number of current cases of COVID-19 in Nassau County noting that most hospital visits involve individuals between the ages of 25-44 — most of whom have not been vaccinated.

Dr. Danso-Odei declared that the “the solution is not a mask, it’s getting vaccinated . . . and the effectiveness of vaccination is 95%.”

The County of Miami-Dade currently has an 11% positivity rate,

St. John’s County, according to most reports, indicates a 25.4% positivity rate.

Nassau County is now looking at a positivity rate of 26.4%

“COVID is killing our people. We are cancelling elective surgeries,” said Dr. Danso-Odei. “The chance of dying from COVID is very high if you are not vaccinated.”




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Perry Anthony
Perry Anthony (@guest_61853)
2 years ago

He’s no different than our last director, all talk and no action! That will certainly cost lives.

Jim Law
Jim Law (@guest_61857)
2 years ago

The chance of dying from COVID is very high if you are not vaccinated.” This is a very serious statement in a public forum. Could someone, anyone, please back up this statement with data and facts? Dr. Odei? Fernandina Observer?

John Smith
John Smith (@guest_61858)
2 years ago
Reply to  Jim Law

There are no facts to back it up because it is not true. I wouldn’t say that +/- 0.4% constitutes “a very good chance”

Connie A Chapman
Connie A Chapman (@guest_61859)
2 years ago

“The chance of dying… very high…” is an outright lie. These kind of statements that everyone knows are not true is part of the problem we are facing today. When an “expert” makes such outrageous and obviously false statements, it causes other information such as the importance of getting vaccinated, to lose credibility as people start to wonder what to believe and what to reject.

John Whitlow
John Whitlow (@guest_61864)
2 years ago

Is the soon to be eliminated PCR test used to garner these numbers? Once considered the Gold standard,only to

learn it cannot differentiate between Covid19 or any other Influenza virus.

Joseph Kayne
Joseph Kayne(@jay-kayne)
2 years ago
Reply to  John Whitlow

The original source of your claim appears to be a social media site in the United Kingdom. Please read this AP News article.

First, it is not soon to be eliminated. As of July 21, CDC has encouraged clinics to use the more recent version which does a better job of differentiating between COVID and other viruses. Second, the outdated version had a higher rate of false negatives. In other words, it was UNDERCOUNTING the number of cases.

Similar articles from the MIT medical center and Cleveland clinic affirm these FACTS!

John Whitlow
John Whitlow (@guest_61880)
2 years ago
Reply to  Joseph Kayne

The CDC is withdrawing it’s request for EUA of the RT-PCR test as of Dec. 31 2021

The PCR is a manufacturing technique not a medical test. The late Dr. Kary Mullis inventor

of Polymearse chain reaction has a few interesting video’s / interviews online.

This information is straight from the CDC website.

Joseph Kayne
Joseph Kayne(@jay-kayne)
2 years ago
Reply to  John Whitlow

CDC is dropping the request because there is a better more accurate and efficient test. That is the funny thing about scientists. They are always looking for the NEXT right answer.

And I Googled Dr. Mullis and here is the first thing that came up. You should read it.

Please cite your sources in the future.

Richard Norman Kurpiers
Richard Norman Kurpiers (@guest_61882)
2 years ago
Reply to  John Whitlow

What’s your point? The CDC is withdrawing EUA for tests that are no longer used, but Mr. Kayne already told you that.