Nassau County to Begin Accepting Cardboard at Bailey and Goodbread Recycling Centers

From The County Insider
Office of the Nassau County Manager
September 29, 2020

Nassau County is excited to announce that the Solid Waste Department will begin accepting cardboard for recycling at the Bailey Rd and Goodbread Rd recycling locations, beginning on October 1, 2020. Previously, the only County owned recycling facility that accepted cardboard was the Convenience and Recycling Center located qt 46026 Landfill Rd. in Callahan.

For all cardboard recycling centers, please note that the cardboard must be broken down and free of any packing material or styrofoam. The cardboard should then be placed in the bin labeled for cardboard. Plastics, glass, aluminum, office paper and newspaper can also be recycled at those locations in the Single Stream Recycle Bins.

If you have any questions regarding recycling at one of these locations, please contact Becky Diden at  904-530-6700 or visit the Nassau County Solid Waste website.

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