Nassau County Implements New Software to Streamline Procurement Process

Sabrina Robertson
Public Information Officer
[email protected]

Nassau County, Florida, July 27, 2021 – We are excited to announce that the Board of County Commissioners has implemented PlanetBids to streamline our procurement process and improve transparency.

PlanetBids is a web-based procurement company that assists organizations with securing qualified vendors quickly and efficiently while reducing processing time and paperwork. Prior to partnering with PlanetBids, the Board’s Procurement Department maintained a spreadsheet of vendors and would notify them via email and/or SharePoint of bidding opportunities. PlanetBids’ vendor management tool allows the County to quickly identify and notify vendors that a product or service is needed and can even help the County to better identify local vendors, as well as minority, woman and veteran-owned businesses. The County is encouraging all vendors to visit the new site and register their businesses for notifications and bidding opportunities.

The PlanetBids system also allows all documents related to the bid to be accessible by the public so anyone can see the original bid and all documents associated with the bid, including submitted bid packets, bid opening minutes, and similar documents to help the user see why a particular vendor was selected. This not only improves transparency, it also makes procurement operations more efficient having these documents easily available to the public in lieu of collecting documents and responding to individual requests for information.

The new PlanetBids program makes doing business with Nassau County easier than ever by improving user experience and adding expanded features to register as a vendor and review opportunities as they become available. To view current bid opportunities for the Board of County Commissioners, please visit If you have any questions, please contact Procurement Manager, Brian Simmons, at (904) 530-6040 or via e-mail at [email protected].