By Susan Hardee Steger
January 19, 2021

Update: If you registered for the waitlist in Eventbrite, check your email today or tomorrow. 

Sign up on the waitlist once. The Emergency Management team is spending a great deal of time removing duplicate names from the waitlist.

Good news for more than 8,000 individuals 65 and over who signed up on the new Nassau County vaccine waitlist!  Nassau County is expecting approximately 900 COVID-19 doses.   If you registered for the waitlist in Eventbrite, check your email today or tomorrow. Last week, Nassau County received no vaccines.

Nassau County Emergency Management Public Information Officer Dave Richardson asked that we remind our readers to sign up on the waitlist once.  The Emergency Management team is spending a great deal of time removing duplicate names from the waitlist.  On Saturday, over 400 names were removed.

To add your name, if you are 65 or older, click here.

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Tripp Dixon
Tripp Dixon (@guest_60133)
1 year ago

Another bottleneck trying to get past the “Claim my spot” button. Very poor service.

Sabrina Robertson
Sabrina Robertson (@guest_60147)
1 year ago
Reply to  Tripp Dixon

Just call Emergency Management and tell them you’re having trouble. They can help by phone. 548-0900 open from 8am-5pm

Dennis Jay
Dennis Jay (@guest_60135)
1 year ago

So how is it “good news for more than 8,000 individuals” when the county only receives “900 plus vaccines.” Sounds like it’s bad news for about 7,000 of us who are registered with the county but will have to wait until who knows when to receive vaccines.

I find this whole system severely lacking. Your rosy scenarios don’t help.

Sabrina Robertson
Sabrina Robertson (@guest_60146)
1 year ago
Reply to  Susan Steger

Yes, I agree Susan. This is great news! So out of 8,000, nearly 1,000 of those have an opportunity to get their vaccine now. That’s 10% of the total. While it is frustrating to play the waiting game, at least this is a positive sign that the system is working and that the State is (hopefully) going to send regular allotments of the vaccine to Nassau County.

JOE WICHTOWSKI (@guest_60137)
1 year ago

Wonder what criteria is used to determine a “duplicate”? Would same last name, email address & phone number be considered a “duplicate” even if the first names are different?

John Meierdierck
John Meierdierck (@guest_60139)
1 year ago

My wife and I both received a text saying “claim my spot you are off the waiting list email, confirm your contact information to get e-mail ticket, than call 548-0900 to schedule 9-5. Problem is my wife and I did not receive an e-mail. We both have separate e-mail addresses. I know that I put in the correct e-mail addresses when I signed onto the waiting list. I also checked the junk, and bulk email listings on our computers and no e-mail from the Nassau FL. What is going on? Now I am excited when we both got our text and then only let down that there was no e-mail for either one of us. Please explain.

John Meierdierck CWO4 USN Ret.,

Beverly Meierdierck

Sabrina Robertson
Sabrina Robertson (@guest_60144)
1 year ago

The text EM sent yesterday was to notify those who registered to check their email to see if their name was selected in the drawing. If you did not receive an email, that means your number was not pulled this time. Great news is that after this week’s doses, 10% of those currently registered will have received their vaccine. Hopefully the State will continue to send doses regularly as the County is waiting and has the capacity to vaccine about 1,100 people each day. Hang in there… it will get better!

Joe Blanchard
Joe Blanchard (@guest_60142)
1 year ago

The “claim my spot”, on the received email, goes to “Event currently unavailable” and has since yesterday. Calls to the number listed in the email goes to a voicemail box that is full and calls to the EMS help desk return a busy signal. So something has put a money wench in the works.

Sabrina Robertson
Sabrina Robertson (@guest_60145)
1 year ago
Reply to  Joe Blanchard

Just call Emergency Management and give them your name and email address used to register. They can confirm whether your name was assigned to one of the numbers pulled during the randomized drawing. 548-0900 They’re open from 8am-5pm.

Jay Bradbury
Jay Bradbury (@guest_60148)
1 year ago

Both my wife and I received the text message. Only I was on the waitlist…she got her first dose on 1/8. I did not receive an email. But at 1pm today I received a phone call asking if I was available to get my vaccination…as if I had received an email but not responded. Since I was at that very moment in line to get my first dose from another source I declined and had my name removed.

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