Nassau County Executive Order for Face Coverings Extended 30 Days

From the County Insider
Office of the Nassau County Manager
July 31, 2020

7/31/20 @ 10:15 a.m. – At Wednesday’s Special Meeting, the Board approved Executive Order 18, extending the requirement for face coverings in public spaces for an additional 30 days. Dr. Seidel, Director of the Nassau County Department of Health, was in attendance and provided an update to the Board. She indicated that before coverings were made mandatory, positive cases among those tested were close to 10%. She stated that now cases are closer to 8% and stated, “I believe our mitigation efforts are working and we need to continue them”.

To watch the presentation, please click here.

-Sabrina Robertson
County Manager’s Office

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Ben Martin
Ben Martin(@ben-martin)
3 years ago

It stands to reason that a lot of people who are connected to the pharmaceutical / medical industries will have their bread buttered by programs and mandates connected to the “Certificate of Vaccination ID” virus. Could it be that those who will benefit financially like all the hysteria? Do we really want Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci running the world?

Brodie bose
Brodie bose (@guest_58529)
3 years ago

So we’re suppressing germ exposure only to weaken our immune system? Masks don’t work and 6 feet is not a scientific number. It’s all a joke. This isn’t how the immune system works…12,000-60,000 die every year from the flu and we don’t wear masks then. Do those peoples lives not matter (and that’s with a 50-60% efficacy rate vaccine). Bird flu killed more people.

This is all political nonsense and someone’s getting rich.

Ben Martin
Ben Martin(@ben-martin)
3 years ago

All kinds of funny things can be done with stats. Probably over the time periods under investigation the deaths have increased from 2 to 10 or something like that. So that would say masks are causing more people to die. Missing from the article is the exact data the good doctor used to construct the figures of 8% and 10%. No exact time period is mentioned. No counts are provided. Exactly how were those figures constructed? In a world where half the folks can’t add 2 fractions together it is easy to mislead large groups of people with inaccurate representations that have a scientific gloss. Has Corona now mutated to something less contagious? Is the summer sun killing germs? Is a populace that is now paying more attention to vitamins, minerals, and a healthy diet somehow less vulnerable to testing positive? There could be a whole lot of reason there has been less contagion other than forced masking. There are certain stats that are not publicized widely. They are how Corona programs and mandates are affecting the bottom line of hospitals and certain medical / pharmaceutical professionals. And all the while, the middle class is being destroyed. Karl Marx would love it.