Nassau County Emergency Management
January 14, 2021

Frequently Answered Questions

Q How can I volunteer to help?

A Call 548-0940 to speak with our volunteer coordinator, Cos Cosgrove.

Q How much vaccine does Nassau County have?

A Since the first week of January, DOH-Nassau has received an average of 400 doses each week. There are no available doses at this time. Every dose received by the DOH-Nassau is scheduled for injection into someone in the targeted vaccination group.

Q Why isn’t vaccine available in Nassau County?

A Every Florida county has to wait for its allocation to be shipped from the State. When the State receives more, we will get more, but that is based upon what the manufactures make and what the federal government sends to Florida.
Every dose received by the DOH-Nassau is scheduled for injection into someone in the targeted vaccination group.

Q How do I schedule an appointment for vaccine?

A If you are in the target group prioritized for vaccination, once vaccine becomes available, you will be able to follow the appointment process through the website.

Q How will I know when more vaccine becomes available?

A Sign up for text notifications. Text the keyword NassauSafe to the six-digit phone number 888-777.

Q What if I don’t have a cell phone?

A Check each day for an update. An alternative many are using is to have a friend/relative/caregiver with a cell phone and/or computer do it for them. If you have no one who can help you, we have volunteers here at the EOC who can help you.

Q Do I have to be a resident of Nassau County to make an appointment?

A No. The CoViD-19 vaccination program is federal. Vaccine purchased through the federal program is available to anyone in the United States who falls into the group targeted for vaccination.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q I have medical conditions that put me at risk for CoViD-19 complications. When can I get vaccinated?

A The population targeted for prioritized vaccination with the currently limited supply was determined by the Florida Governor. His executive order #20-315 specifies that only Long-Term Care facility residents and staff, healthcare providers with direct patient care responsibilities, and individuals who are 65 years of age and over will be vaccinated in Florida at this time.

Q I’m a healthcare worker. Where can I sign up to get my vaccination?

A If your employer does not have an agreement with the Department of Health to vaccinate all of your healthcare providers, you will register for a dose through

Q Why isn’t Nassau County listed on the State’s posted list of Vaccination Sites?

A We do not want to have long lines of people camping out hoping for the vaccine when there is none is available, so we do not have open first-come-first-serve sites. We only schedule appointments for the vaccine in hand.

Q The State says there are hundreds of thousands of doses available. Why can’t I get mine?

A Nassau County has only received an average of 400 doses per week for our targeted population (about 24,000 Nassau residents are over 65 years of age)

Q Where can I send my suggestion for how you can improve this process?

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