Florida Department of Health
November 15, 2020

Editor’s Note: The State of Florida is showing a significant increase in Coronavirus cases. Today’s state report showed 9,928 cases. For Saturday and Sunday’s report in Nassau County, there were 21 reported on Saturday and 35 reported today. The totals are for residents and non-residents.


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Geoffrey King
Geoffrey King (@guest_59561)
2 years ago

Despite these awful statistics & the abundant evidence that (a) things are getting worse & (b) all the experts & even a non expert like Putin! believe that masks matter, 3 of our Nassau legislators continue to fail us by not mandating masks! It’s preposterous.

Sue Nasby
Sue Nasby (@guest_59572)
2 years ago
Reply to  Geoffrey King

Asking people to wear a mask is not political……most health experts recommend it, and politicians in office follow their advice. If you are asymptomatic, or hopefully not symptomatic but still choosing to walk around among the general public spreading your infection to old and young alike seems more anti-American to me! I wear my mask for you, it’s not that hard and I appreciate the people who do the same. And if we’d all do it for a while, maybe we could be free of the virus and the masks a lot sooner. It’s worth a try….look back at lessons from past epidemics.

Ben Martin
Ben Martin (@guest_59575)
2 years ago
Reply to  Geoffrey King

We all view the world through our own unique perceptual filters. It appears the way the majority of Nassau County residents see it is that 3 commissioners had enough sense to do the right thing. And the other 2 are either Marxists are the unwitting tools of Marxists. If you want to force a mask on others consider moving to New York or California.

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