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Cornell Rudov
Cornell Rudov (@guest_63165)
2 years ago

None of these numbers sync. Total new vaccinated 331. If you add up last weeks totals to this weeks totals it is only an additional 156. Very difficult to believe this week after week.

Doug Mowery
Doug Mowery(@douglasm)
2 years ago
Reply to  Cornell Rudov

This what the “notes” say on the Florida DOH weekly report:

These data summarize the number of people who have received either their first dose or have completed their primary series for a COVID-19 vaccine. A person can only be counted in one category, first dose, series complete or additional or booster dose. For persons receiving Moderna or Pfizer vaccines, once they receive their second dose, they are moved from the first dose column to the series completed column. Once a person receives their additional or booster dose, they are moved from the series completed column to the additional or booster dose column. Because of this, the total in each category may show a change from report to report not matching the totals from the previous week. Persons receiving Johnson & Johnson vaccines are not counted in the first dose category.