Adkins announces candidacy for Nassau County Supervisor of Elections

Janet H Adkins
Nassau County Candidate
for Supervisor of Elections
June 22, 2020

Candidate for Nassau County Supervisor of Elections, Janet H Adkins.

Janet H. Adkins from Fernandina Beach has joined the race to replace retiring Supervisor of Elections Vicki P. Cannon in the Universal Republican Primary election. Janet H. Adkins is married to local business owner Douglas Adkins and together they reside in Fernandina Beach and have two adult children (Emily (21) and Douglas(18)).

Janet Adkins previously served eight years in the Florida House of Representatives as the first elected woman from Nassau County in the Florida House of Representatives where she served as Chair of the K-12 Education Committee, Rules Committee, Redistricting Committee, Joint Administrative Procedures Committee, Appropriations, K-12 Appropriations, Select Committee on Govt Reorganization, Finance and Tax Committee, Full Education Committee.

Representative Adkins worked to pass meaningful legislation to protect dock owners locally, reformed middle grades, authored legislation to address testing of rape test kits, championed numerous legislative changes to address adoptions and passed the only statewide recognition for Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry in 2016. She worked on addressing infectious diseases, reforming school grades, hazing and bullying and juvenile justice reform.

Janet Adkins was first elected to public office in 1998 when she was elected to the Nassau County School Board where she championed strategic planning, reviewing all the school board rules and making changes to board rules around bullying.

Janet Adkins was well known for hosting workshops, community problem solving meetings and bringing citizens to the table to help solve local issues from docks, roads, dyslexia, shipment of coal through the Port and many other issues. Janet Adkins would often write updates and letters to the editor to help keep the citizens informed about what was happening in the legislature and would provide regular updates from her office.

Janet Adkins is currently the Chief Administrative Officer for Dayspring Health which includes Dayspring Village and Dayspring Village two family owned companies. Ms. Adkins has implemented numerous technology innovations over the last four years and has been instrumental in the day to day oversight and operations of the company.

Janet Adkins has a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of North Florida. Additionally she also has a Information Science degree. Janet Adkins is a graduate from the Covey Leadership Institute and worked 12 years before moving to Nassau County in 1997 as a software developer and project manager for an Information Technology company in Jacksonville working on large software and technology systems.

“I am running for the Office of Supervisor of Election because I believe that I can help make a difference in my community in ensuring safe – accessible and secure elections. I believe that my unique skills in technology, software, organizational leadership and experience in local and state government have prepared me to provide the citizens with stable and strong leadership over the next four years.” Said Janet Adkins.

“This was not a decision that came easy for me, I have learned a great deal and have reached out to many others to talk about my vision. I have worked across the aisle with members of the opposite party during my time in the legislature and have committed if allowed to serve to ensuring that all citizens are treated with dignity and respect and that we follow the rule of law.”

To get involved or learn more you can go to www.janetadkins.com or contact [email protected] or call at 904-316-2008.

Editor’s Note: Adkins will face candidates Stan Bethea and Justin Taylor for Nassau County Supervisor of Elections.

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