Seniors vs Crime Has a New Home

For the past 16 years, the Fernandina Beach Police Department has hosted Seniors vs Crime in its facility on Lime Street.

Its new location – Nassau County Council on Aging’s Fernandina Beach Senior Life Center at 1901 Island Walkway as of Monday, July 3 – will continue an already established partnership benefiting seniors in Nassau County.

A special project of the Florida Attorney General, Seniors vs Crime works to “reduce the victimization of senior citizens who are targeted for specific crimes or scams based on their age.” The project accomplishes this mission by focusing on three primary objectives: Providing education through various scam and crime prevention programs; investigating complaints and seeking restitution for seniors in appropriate instances (free of charge); and giving senior volunteers the opportunity to work in a project office helping other seniors and learning new skills.

“We thank the Fernandina Beach Police Department for providing space free of charge since 2007,” said David Blacklock, Regional Director, Seniors vs Crime, “and we are so appreciative of the space provided by Nassau County Council on Aging. Both organizations are very much in sync with our mission of helping seniors.”

If you believe you have been a victim of a scam, contact the Fernandina Beach Seniors vs Crime office at 904-310-3226. The office is staffed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,10 a.m.-2 p.m. You may also stop by during these hours.

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5 months ago

God Bless and Protect our local law enforcement officers they help to make our town safe and keep it beautiful.

Ben Martin
Trusted Member
Ben Martin(@ben-martin)
5 months ago

If a landscaper, painter, etc. violates Florida elder abuse statutes they will likely have the full force of the law upon them. But if you are a financial professional who uses deception to achieve an illegal conflict of interest (buying products from yourself), or if you issue falsified account statements, not much happens. By and large the elected officials you will complain to are funded by the people you are complaining about. It is great that the Fernandina police are protecting the elderly, but if they choose to purse criminal charges against financial sector perpetrators – they probably won’t get much support from any prosecutors office – or any other Federal or State agency. When it comes to policing white collar crime our system is broken.