Waste Management responds to City complaints

Submitted by Suanne Z. Thamm
Reporter – News Analyst
July 23, 2021
Printed below is the response Fernandina Beach City Manager Dale Martin received from Advanced Disposal Services to his letter of July 9, 2021, which laid out issues the City residents have had with trash removal.  The response from Greg Huntington lays out many corrective actions that have already been taken or will be implemented soon.


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Don Traester
Don Traester (@guest_61779)
2 years ago

Sounds promising. It would be both helpful and appreciated if Waste could provide us with their best contact phone number and also with their alternative email address mentioned in this response letter. Thank you.

Perry Laspina
Perry Laspina (@guest_61781)
2 years ago

That letter is dated 7/16/21, but my trash can was NEVER dumped on Tuesday 7/20/21, so I left OUT ON THE STREETS FOR THE NEXT PICKUP ON FRIDAY and they finally dumped it! Like I said in the past, this problem has been going on since shortly after our new City Manager Dale Martin was hired and he did NOTHING then, now look where we’re at almost 5-years later.

Perry Laspina
Perry Laspina (@guest_61782)
2 years ago

More LIES from them! As of 7/12/21, they say they’ve added an EXTRA TRUCK for Monday & Tuesday pickups, SO WHY WASN’T MY TRASH DUMPED ON 7/20/21???