Sturges Ethics Complaint Dismissed

By Brett L. Steger, attorney

The Florida Commission on Ethics has entered a public report pertaining to the ethics complaint filed by Faith Ross against David Sturges. Mrs. Ross, a current member on the City of Fernandina Beach Board of Adjustment, and wife of Fernandina Beach Commissioner Chip Ross, alleged that Mr. Sturges engaged in unethical behavior by voting on matters before the city commission that would result in special benefits to himself or other third parties.

Following an extensive investigation, the Commission on Ethics found that no probable cause existed to substantiate the claims.

Upon receipt of the Commission on Ethics’ Public Report dismissing Mrs. Ross’ complaint, Vice-Mayor Sturges stated the following:

“I am grateful to the Commission on Ethics for conducting a thorough investigation into Mrs. Ross’ allegations. From the first time I first learned of Mrs. Ross’ false claims I have wanted to respond publicly so that the truth was known. Despite my personal desire to bring all of the facts surrounding these baseless accusations to light, I have purposefully refrained from discussing this matter so that the Commission on Ethics could make an unbiased, transparent, and completely accurate determination, free from any outside influence.

“I am thankful the truth was revealed in this matter. The city commission has a great deal of work to do in 2024, and I look forward to facing these challenges without the distractions caused by these false claims.”

A second ethics complaint against Sturges is still under investigation by the Commission on Ethics.


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Noble Member
5 months ago

congratulations Dave. I hope that Mr. Ross etc. stop with these juvenile political games that do nothing but waste resources and taxpayer money and focus on the myriad challenges facing our city instead.

Noble Member
5 months ago


Jason Collins
Noble Member
Jason Collins(@jc18holes)
5 months ago

The wife of one Commissioner filing an ethics complaint against another? Is that ethical? Where are all the comments from our favorite Sturges critics out there? The City needs a conservative candidate that believes strongly in lower taxes and personal property rights to run for the seat Commissioner Ross will soon be vacating.