Sketches for Waterfront Park Plan to be Presented to City Commission

Thomas and Hutton Principal and Land Planning/Landscape Architecture Manager Ryan Thompson will provide an overview of Parking Lots C and D preliminary park plans at Tuesday’s city commission meeting.

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12 days ago

I like what I see but any room for a volleyball or badminton court? That would make the park look a little more lively to onlookers from land and sea?

Alex Wood
Active Member
Alex Wood(@alex-wood)
12 days ago

If that is the existing seawall, they left out a railroad track throught the middle of the parking area. What about the area north of the marina? Is it taboo to discuss that?

Bob Reisner
Active Member
Bob Reisner(@bob-reisner)
12 days ago

This plan is an improvement on what exists today but it is essentially a short term temporary fix that will disappoint everyone eventually.

And we have to stop making the city pay for things that benefit equally other groups that have a voice but never pay. It should be paid for by all beneficiaries … the city, the tourists, the county and the downtown merchants. City residents are not an unlimited source of money and shouldn’t be the sole source.

We need a parking garage not surface parking on the best space in the downtown (waterfront). The land between city hall and the railroad tracks is a great place for a garage with as many as 200 spaces. With a parking garage, it would be simple to hugely increase the actual park land by using the parking spaces in the plan.

Which directly leads to a comment about the boat ramp. The boat ramp is probably used by less than 1% of city residents. And the ramp not only breaks up the park but it also creates the need for vehicle and trailer parking. Close the boat ramp, the downtown is no longer appropriate for this use. People can use the county north boat ramp.

I’ve written about this before at length here: There is more that could be done but first we need to acknowledge that the current plan doesn’t do enough and won’t be the best use of this waterfront land.

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