Marina Fuel Leak: 76 Days and Counting

By Mike Lednovich

A leaking fuel line at the city marina fuel dock has resulted in 76 days without gasoline for sale to boaters and, combined with the impacts of two near hurricane strikes last year, means a total loss of fuel sales of $671,500 for the budget year.

The bad news was part of the Oasis Marinas manager’s report to the city’s Marina Advisory Board Monday.

The latest calamity to strike the city fuel dock began on May 15 when a pressure test of the fuel lines resulted in detecting a leak in the unleaded gasoline fuel line. That set off a chain of events that has yet to be solved as the marina loses about $2,400 per day in fuel sales. The total sales loss due to the leak is $189,500, according to Oasis Marinas.

“Guardian will be on site Aug. 1 to replace the fuel line,” Marina Manager Cathy Chapman told the board. “There’s one day for the installation and another day to pressure-test the line.”

Chapman said it took two weeks from when the leak was detected to get repair quotes and then to select a vendor. It took another week for the city attorney to review and finalize the contract to have the work done. Other delays were caused by having the wrong piping in place for replacement. Chapman said all new pipes and fittings have been ordered at a cost of about $8,500.

The fuel line was pressure tested after marina workers noticed tiny drops of fuel floating on the surface around the fuel dock, Chapman said. She said the exact location of where the leak is located has yet to be determined.

The marina was without unleaded and diesel fuel for 72 days last fall following damage resulting from Hurricanes Ian and Nicole that skirted Amelia Island in a two-week period. That cost the city marina $482,000 in lost fuel sales.

The manager’s report listed $559,331 in marina debt still on the books.

“That’s a profit of the city of $201,000 (in fuel sales),” Charter boat Captain Allen Mills told the advisory board.

“The marina hasn’t been up and running since its been opened. It’s always one hiccup after another. We just spent over $1 million for a walkway, but we can’t fix 18 feet of pipe around the walkway on the river.”

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Dave L
Trusted Member
Dave L(@dave-l)
10 months ago

A bit of an apples and oranges comparison, I believe, with regards to the fuel sales figures. I believe that the fuel sales numbers shown in the article represent the gross dollar sales and doesn’t account for the cost of the fuel. If the marina isn’t selling gas and diesel fuel, then it isn’t buying it either. The true financial impact is the net profit of the sales which according to the 2022-23 budget was projected to be about 40% of the sales volume. Not to minimize the financial impact as the profit from fuel sales is the second largest net income stream for the marina behind slip and mooring fees.