Directors and charter officers spend time “getting a look inside” City departments

Fernandina Beach Police Department

February 18, 2022


We had the “Best” few days this week. As part of a program by the City Manager, City directors and the Charter Officers worked with other departments to get a better grasp of City operations. City Clerk Caroline Best spent three afternoons with the FBPD getting an inside look at our operations. Part of the day today, Ms. Best did scenario training.

Ms. Best worked alongside of our Records Coordinator, Agnes White (L). Our City Clerk looks like a natural in one of our police cars. She wanted the keys but we didn’t give them to her (R)!

She was placed in several situations and had to decide if she should use force, try to de-escalate the situation or if there simply wasn’t a problem that needed to be addressed. She also rode with a patrol officer, learned about DUI investigations, worked with a school resource officer, reviewed a case with a detective, learned about evidence collection and spent time with our support staff. We are glad she was able to learn more about the FBPD and it was a pleasure having her as our guest.