Calculate your City of Fernandina Beach property taxes

From The City of Fernandina Beach website
August 10, 2020

The City of Fernandina Beach has provided a spreadsheet to assist in the tax calculation for interested residents. The document reflects the tentative operating millage rate (5.54683 mills.)

1. This form is applicable for City of Fernandina Beach residential properties with a Taxable Value of $100,000 or greater and with a qualifying homestead exemption.
2. In the highlighted box, enter the parcel’s 2019 Assessed Value. This value can be found on the Nassau County Property Appraiser’s website. Search for the parcel by name or address, then click “TRIM Notice.” Once opened, near the bottom of the TRIM Notice, the 2019 Municipality Assessed Value is indicated- enter that value in the highlighted box.
3. The 2019 tax and 2020 tax (based upon the proposed millage rate) will be calculated, as will the difference between the two.
4. This form is intended illustrate the PRACTICAL impact of the proposed millage rate, which, as required by Florida statutes, would be noticed as a tax increase.