Start-Ups Grads Venture Forth

The latest graduates of the $1,000 Start-Ups program have completed a 9-month program on entrepreneurship, financial management and life skills.

This fairly new program has now graduated 43. The graduates are mostly from traditionally underserved populations. Without this training, they might not otherwise have had the necessary support and opportunity to achieve their ambitions to start a business.

Their success benefits not only themselves and their families but also contributes to a strong local economy and culture.

The graduates and their businesses are:

Art of Destini – Destini Schubert
Coaching with Nurse Bec – Rebecca Krauss
Glory Covering – Veronica Jennings
Humbled Ride Services – Rosa Allen
Lavishlee Body Boutique – Debra James-Hughes
Life Flags – Jane Campbell Dunlap
Moonlit Corner – Alicia Smith
Ms E’s Resellable Closet – Earlene Williams
Pressing Keys – Keya Johnson
Property for Teachers & State Employees – Ruth Duncan
Rossta’s – Kristina Moldanando
Samahdhi Foods – April Blue-Moseley
Serenity Treasures – Tonya Daniels
The Joy Spot – Ama Williamson & Wynetta Eleby-Harris
Wellness Prose – Teri Robinson
Cooperation Engine – Prashant Sheth

The 2024 program begins on May 8, 2024. If you or someone you know would like learn more about how the program works and the application process, please visit the program’s website.

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