Fernandina Beach Fire/Rescue Department
December 16, 2021

Engine 1 & Rescue 1 were dispatched to a call for “vomiting”. Upon arrival, FF/PMDs Chris Youngman & Luke Powell quickly evaluated the patient, who was not actively vomiting. In fact, the patient presented with no deficits or ailments; she answered all stroke/CVA exam questions and obeyed commands. Her only complaint was that she was having “the worst headache of her life.”
Although the patient did not display typical signs or symptoms of a CVA, crews believed she may be having an intracranial bleed. ENG/PMD Daniel Hulett quickly called for an air transport unit, but the ATU was unable to launch due to weather. Rescue 1 began ground transport, & en route to Baptist Health Jacksonville, the patient’s condition began to deteriorate rapidly. Youngman & Powell intubated & maintained care. Upon arrival at the hospital, CT confirmed intracranial hypertension & a present bleed. After treatment, the patient walked out of the hospital just days later with zero deficits!
It could have been easy to write this scenario off as a headache and nothing more – but with Powell and Youngman’s quick response and aggressive treatment, they were able to not only save this patient’s life, but maintain her quality of life. For this reason, they have been awarded an EMS Save commendation. Outstanding work!
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Sherry Harrell
Sherry Harrell (@guest_63401)
9 months ago

Great job to Youngman & Powell for continuing to help this woman, even intubated her during the ride to the hospital!! We have heroes that walk among us.

David Lott
David Lott (@guest_63404)
9 months ago

Terrific job Mr. Youngman and Mr. Powell. They always say to go with your gut instinct and in this case that couldn’t be truer as y’all evidently suspected something was wrong with the patient despite the “test” results.

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