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Office of the Nassau County Manager
July 5, 2021

7/4/21 @ 2:30 p.m. – County Officials continue to monitor Tropical Storm Elsa. At this time, the storm is near Cuba and is expected to remain a Tropical Storm with sustained winds of 50-60 mph. The current track shows Elsa entering the State near Cedar Key and traveling northeast toward the coast of Georgia with the eye passing over western Nassau County.

Currently, there are no evacuation orders in the State and only a few counties have declared a local State of Emergency. It is anticipated that Nassau County could experience 1-2 inches of rain and 1-2 foot storm surge, however we will remain in a “wait and see” pattern until the storm passes Cuba and heads toward Florida. The ground is already very wet due to the amount of rain recently which means that tree roots may already be less stable and could be at risk of uprooting and causing damage to power lines. Emergency Management has been in communication with local power companies who have assured us they are ready to respond as needed.

The Nassau County Department of Health and Nassau County School District remain prepared to open a special needs, general population, and pet safe shelter in Hilliard, should the need arise. The Nassau County Road Department is also out today addressing ditches/areas with common drainage problems, in preparation of the rainfall we could experience from Elsa.

At this time, it is anticipated that Nassau County could begin experiencing the early affects of Elsa Tuesday afternoon with the storm arriving in Nassau County early Wednesday.County Officials are planning to hold another call tomorrow following the mid-morning update from the National Hurricane Center. We will keep you all posted as information becomes available.

Residents are asked to continue to monitor Tropical Storm Elsa, through reliable sources like local news, National Hurricane Center, National Media, or Nassau County Emergency Management @

-Sabrina Robertson
Public Information Officer

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