Volunteers support #whatgoesupmustcomedown with Sunrise Beach Cleanup

Lynda Bell, Executive Director
Keep Nassau Beautiful, Inc
[email protected]

July 12, 2018 10:00 a.m.

Kayak Amelia, Keep Nassau Beautiful, Amelia Island Beach & Marine Life Protection Task Force, and Live Seaworthy jointly sponsored an early morning beach clean up following the July 4 festivities.

Amelia Island is a beautiful place for family and community to come together and celebrate Independence Day with food, fun, and fireworks. This year’s July 4 celebration was a big success with many people enjoying activities on Amelia Island beaches. Unfortunately, trash, litter and debris from fireworks is often left behind and unless picked up can threaten the beauty of the beach and the lively hood of the marine wildlife.

On July 5, beginning at 6:30am, more than 60 volunteers cleaned miles of Amelia Island coastline. Volunteers were greeted by site captains at 6 beach access points; North Beach, Main Beach, Seaside/Sadler Road, Peter’s Point, Scott Road, and American Beach. Keep Nassau Beautiful and Kayak Amelia took a different approach during this beach cleanup event. Instead of providing disposable gloves and plastic bags for litter cleanup, site captains were given reusable gloves, trash grabbers, and reusable buckets or totes to distribute to each volunteer. Volunteers spanned out north and south of the access points, cleaned parking lots and picnic areas, and cleared overflowing trash from the beachside trash containers. At the end of the cleanup event litter from reusable buckets and totes was consolidated into 45-gallon trash bags. 18 large garbage bags of debris and litter, estimated at 360 pounds, had been removed from the parking area and beaches.

Jeep Club Members help to clean up our beaches.

The clean up does not end with this event. We appreciate the many residents that routinely walk the beaches and make clean up a part of their daily lives. Contact [email protected] to sign up for a spot on the Task Force beach cleanup schedule. For information on other opportunities to get involved and help keep Nassau County clean, green and beautiful, visit www.keepnassaubeautiful.org or 904-261-0165.

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  1. Bruce C Smyk says:

    If the City, if not the County, would go to a parking permit system for non-residents, the revenue could fund a lot of clean-up labor. It’s done in a lot of states. The visitors don’t seem to mind (I’ve been one). The revenue should come from the non-residents, who don’t pay taxes here, but benefit from our beaches.

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