Veterans, we honor and thank you

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By Carol Kando-Pineda
FTC Attorney, Division of Consumer & Business Education
November 10, 2019

November 11 is Veterans Day. More than 18 million people are U.S. military veterans. It’s a fitting time to thank military veterans for their sacrifice and service in protecting the United States. It’s also a good time to help protect our veterans from fraud.

Whether you’re a recent veteran or you returned to civilian life 20 years ago, you’re making decisions that affect your financial well-being. has helpful information for any stage of life, whether you’re launching your civilian career, enjoying retirement, or still serving in the Armed Forces. Get tips on managing money and credit, steering clear of scams, making the most of your education benefits, avoiding possible financial pitfalls when buying a car, and more. Share the information with the veterans in your life and encourage them to sign up for email updates to stay connected.

As always, if you spot a scam, tell the FTC at And thank you for your service.

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2 Responses to Veterans, we honor and thank you

  1. Ben Martin says:

    General Smedley Butler speaks up for veterans….

  2. Gerald Decker says:

    I think it is time for mandatory military service…the under 30’s today seem more than willing to embrace radical ideals which throw away the hard-won freedoms that veterans have protected. I am a veteran, I was drafted during the Vietnam conflict, and that experience was valuable in shaping my life.

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