University of U S Applications due Sept 12

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University of U S Constitution Scholarship Foundation
Press Release
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August 24, 2019 9:00 a.m.


University of US Applications Due September 12

The University of US is a free, volunteer educational program for high school students established to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the U.S. Constitution and our American Heritage.

The program of six seminars features speakers on The Federalist Papers, Articles of the Constitution, Amendments to the Constitution, Supreme Court Justices and Landmark Cases, The U.S. Court System, and American Heritage and Founders.

Each class includes presentations by prominent local, state, and/or nationally recognized lecturers, enhanced by interactive activities to engage students in the subject matter. The University of US is the gateway to students’ participation in the
U.S. Constitution Scholarship Foundation scholarship competition

Monthly classes are conducted at The Red Bean Center and round-trip transportation is available to participants, along with after school refreshments.

Schedule 2019-2020

September 19th Orientation
September 23rd Judge Adrian Soud, Our Heritage and Founders
October 28th Karin Agness Lips, The Articles
November 25th Representative Cord Byrd, The Amendments
January 27th Dr. John Baker, The Federalist Papers
February 24th Professor David Ardia, Important Supreme Court Justices
March 23rd Dr. Sharon Foster, The Supreme Court and Final Exam
April 27th Graduation Ceremony and Scholarship Awards

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