Spotlight on Nassau Gardens – Osprey Village Memory Garden

UF/IFAS Nassau Extension​
Photos and Information by
Master Gardner Elizabeth Wilkes
September 13, 2018 3:00 p.m.

Osprey Village residents and designers/caretakers of the Memory Garden are: Glenda Johnson, Vicki Cox, Jennie Ellis, Mary Ann Wright, and Lindy Wyman.

At Osprey Village Memory Garden, the first person with this group of gardeners was Glenda Johnson, followed by Vicki Cox, Jennie Ellis, Mary Ann Wright, and Lindy Wyman. They enjoy working together, planting new flowers and plants and keeping this special garden in good shape.

A brick in the path marks the year the Memory Garden was established, in 2002. The azaleas planted by the first gardeners are now waist high. Growing along the pond are roses, crape myrtle and oleander. A pergola with a bench and rocking chairs invites you to sit and reflect on the quiet beauty.

The garden was established to perpetuate and honor members of the Osprey Village community, their families and friends. Over the years it has benefited from the generosity of members who donated money through the purchase of bricks or other memorial items including benches, rocking chairs and even a flagpole. Near the entrance grows a lovely orange Pagoda plant urging you to walk down the path.

When the garden was first planned, some residents donated magnolias, crape myrtles, a willow and a dogwood. One of the treasures is a special clone of the Andrew Jackson magnolia planted in the White House garden in the 1830’s, honoring a local Medal of Honor winner, veteran Major Pope. Also, the brick pavement under the pergola highlights many names of loved ones, past and present, including Major Pope.

The garden has experienced some rough treatment from occasional hurricanes. Mathew and Irma knocked down trees and vines, flooded the annual beds, and broke limbs. Fortunately, the volunteers worked hard to restore things to normal. After several site visits, UF/IFAS, County Extension Director/Horticulture Agent IV Rebecca Jordi, identified several invasive plants, which the volunteers removed immediately. This area now features drift roses, golden coreopsis, Black-eyed susan, Shasta daisies, daylilies, Buddleia, Mexican sage, Dusty Miller and liriope. There are also peacock ginger, azaleas and abelia in the shady areas.

Since 2002, the volunteer landscape committee members have worked hard to present an area of beauty for quiet contemplation. They are proud of the support given by Osprey Village residents and by the management team. They are busy now making plans for a fund-raising event occasion to create a shade garden of oak leaf hydrangea, hosta and cyclamen.

This group of gardeners have done a wonderful job of planting and caring for a beautiful Memory Garden in Osprey Village.

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