Nassau Extension “Spotlight on Nassau County Gardens” – Angela Bloom’s waterlilies

Angela Bloom stands beside one of her waterlily ponds.

Press Release
Submitted by Bea Walker
BUF/IFAS Nassau Extension

Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Wilkes
November 17, 2017 12:00 a.m.

Angela, and husband Bud Bloom grew up on the Southside of Jacksonville, Florida. Bud started his career in California but in 1985 he and Angela moved to Hilliard in Nassau County. They love to travel and do so when they can. Years ago Bud brought Angela a light blue tropical waterlily which she loved. Although she has always been a plant person, she has become much more involved with gardening since their move to Hilliard. Her passion is growing many varieties of waterlilies and other beautiful flowering plants.

The still water of her waterlily ponds, brought about a problem – mosquitoes. However, they have been adding fish which have done a great job of keeping the mosquitoes populations low. Angela and Bud enjoy their unusual array of waterlilies and all of the other lovely flowers in their yard. For them, this is a special haven of peace.

“Spotlight on Nassau Gardens” is a monthly recognition program of the UF/IFAS Nassau County Extension Service featuring the beautiful gardens and plants grown by Nassau County residents. To be considered, send a digital photo with a description of your “Spotlight” along with your name, address and phone number to Bea Walker, email address: or call the Extension Office at 904-530-6353.

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