Rayonier’s new corporate headquarters – A video tour worth watching

Videos provided by
Rayonier, Inc.
November 14, 2017 2:28 p.m.

Editor’s Note: Although we are not experts, it is our opinion that Rayonier’s new corporate offices at Wildlight, near the intersections of State Road 200 and I-95, is one of the finest examples of great design since Robert S. Schuyler and John Knox Taylor architects for St Peter’s Episcopal Church (Circa 1890) and the United States Customs House (1912) on Centre Street made their mark in Fernandina.

The design, a mixture of wood, metal, and glass, is simply striking. The old blends in with the new and at every turn an interesting visual captures your attention.  We predict numerous regional and national awards will come to Rayonier and its design team.

For 80 years, Rayonier has invested in our community, providing jobs, scholarships to our youth, and grants to non-profits.  Thank you Rayonier.

Please take the time to view all three videos.

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  1. Dave Lott says:

    Very impressive with a number of design features to encourage socialization and collaboration.

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