Nighttime beach driving gets out of control at Nassau County’s Peters Point

By Susan Hardee Steger
May 15, 2018, 11:00 a.m.

Nassau County Commissioner Danny Leeper

During yesterday’s Nassau County’s Board of County Commissioners’ meeting, Commissioner Danny Leeper said he is receiving complaints from homeowners about problems related to nighttime beach driving in Nassau County’s Peters Point area. According to Leeper, the concerns involve “recklessness of people driving, destruction of property, the loud music, and the use of alcohol.”

Leeper placed the item on the agenda for discussion in hopes staff could work with the Sheriff’s Office to bring forth a resolution with solutions to prevent night beach driving from getting too far out of control. “We probably created some of the issues when we closed the parking lot at Peter’s Point [beginning at 8 p.m.] since you can no longer park at Peter’s Point, they drive onto the beach.”

Leeper said one of the solutions being “floated around” was to limit beach driving during turtle nesting season which runs from May to November. The thought being the county is not taking away beach driving but limiting it. “I don’t know if that is doable.”

Pat Edwards expressed, “great concern about limiting the public until we’ve tried everything. . . . . Obviously we want to prevent damage to property and have everyone enjoy the beach. . . . We should err on the side of taxpayers as much as possible. . . . . We approved added sheriff’s coverage. . . . Let’s give it time to work.”

Leeper ended his remarks by saying, “I have no desire to close beach driving in the daytime.  I do have concerns of night time driving.”

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9 Responses to Nighttime beach driving gets out of control at Nassau County’s Peters Point

  1. Steven Crounse says:

    “You can’t fix Stupid” But you sure can make it uncomfortable, Put a Curfew on all vehicles on the Beach after Dark, Impound vehicles, and stiff fines for the owners. $1,000,00/ first offence. Some of these Idiots can’t read but word of mouth spreads fast. We can’t tolerate this in the City or the County.

  2. Mike & Andrea Thompson says:

    Dawn to Dusk. Only people with permits or county residents should be allowed to enter with their cars or trucks. Must have some kind of control over beaches, plus we need to protect residents and wildlife.

  3. Mac Morriss says:

    Once fines start being imposed on lawbreakers, the word gets around, and the foolishness diminishes. Had this very discussion about fines being issued this morning after the County meeting on HB631.

    Issue fines, and during the sea turtle nesting season, no nighttime beach driving from sunset to sunrise. As officially listed on the NOAA Weather website for 32034.

    That is clear and open for all to understand.

  4. tony crawford says:

    Steve, the easiest is always the simplest. Have the police do what they do and enforce the law there. More laws without enforcement will fix absolutely nothing

  5. Lowell Hall says:

    Put a security guard at Peters point patrolling the beach and parking lot from sundown to sunup. 365 days a year x 12 hours a day at $20 hour = $87,600 a year. Call it an even $100,000. The bedtax generated $5,500,000 last year, and is projected to increase this year. 90% is used for marketing and advertising to increase tourism. It’s time to start using more of the bedtax revenues for taking care of our urgent beach needs and a little less for attracting more people here. Amelia Island has world class public beaches enjoyed traditionally by residents, their visitors and tourist, it’s time to start maintaining and supervising them as such.

  6. Joe Palmer says:

    I never understood the rationale for closing beach access parking lots at night to begin with. It’s asinine. If I wake up in the wee hours and can’t go back to sleep I can’t drive down to jasmine street, park my car and walk on the beach. Yes, there will be the occasional person who’ll park there and make racket – or whoopee – but it’s overly intrusive and punitive for no good reason.

  7. janice clarkson says:

    As someone who walks the beach each morning starting at Peter’s Point heading north, I find the beach sand with deep tire ruts throughout. Obviously some idiot has spun wheelies throughout the night making it very difficult to walk the beach. I also find empty bottles, cans, remains of a fire, and other debris. Make it simple NO NIGHT BEACH DRIVING OR PARKING. What is the matter with the politicians? The beaches are our natural resources and you fail to protect them.

  8. Susan Martin says:

    I walk from Peter’s Point north one mile once a week for the Amelia Island Sea Turtle Watch. The condition of that section of beach at 6 a.m. (even on Tuesday – my day) is disgusting and embarrassing. Ruts, many right up near the dune line, wheelies, big holes dug, trash, and fire debris. Even though we mark our nests, crazy people driving fast while drinking will destroy them as they race up and down the beach in the dark. The turtles were here first – let’s protect them. No night driving!

  9. I prefer freedom over regulation. Where are the young to go around here but to a beach where the young can be a little reckless? Please don’t further limit one of the best outlets for youth nature ever made. Remember your own youth. Don’t limit freedom to ensure perfect safety. I personally drive slowly on the beach late at night. Is so peaceful then. And I am in my 70’s,

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