Nassau Ferst Foundation receives “Charity of the Month” designation from Amelia Shotgun Sports

Ferst Readers of Nassau County
Press Release
Michelle Maddox
Regional Program Coordinator
August 10, 2018 1:00 p.m.

Amelia Shotgun Sports named Nassau Ferst Foundation its “Charity of the Month” for July and it was a SUCCESS!

Sportsmen (and women) were given the chance to donate to NFF online in conjunction with a national clays tournament, a donation jar and a raffle! All the money raised during July supports children from birth to 5 years old registered in Nassau County who are currently receiving a free, age-appropriate book in the mail each month, with a parent newsletter which provides tips and activities related to the book the entire family can enjoy.

During the national clays tournament, local businesses sponsored stations and lunch.
THANK YOU to Cochrane’s Collision Center, Nassau County Sheriff’s Office Charities, SoCo Hair Company, ReMax (Pam Meyer) and Costal Vision Center for sponsoring one station which sponsored 5 children!

THANK YOU, CBC National Bank, for sponsoring 3 stations which supports 15 Nassau County children!
THANK YOU to OREMC for being the lunch sponsor which supports 42 Nassau County children!
THANK YOU to Amelia Shotgun Sports’ donation which will allow 8 Nassau County children to receive a free book each month!

THANK YOU to the Women of the Moose Chapter 2355 for donating 2 baskets for the raffle!
THANK YOU to Design It for creating the station signs!
The generosity of these local business partners means 90 Nassau County children will receive free books each month for an entire year! Currently, NFF has almost 700 children receiving books each month!

Nassau Ferst Foundation appreciates its local business partners and welcomes others to join us in bringing the love of reading and bridging the early learning gap in Nassau County. Even though we are an “A” district school system, there are still many children who come to school unprepared and lack early literacy skills. Providing books directly to the children and building their home library, encourages reading together as a family and offers vocabulary and background knowledge building opportunities.

If you would like to sponsor a child ($36 per year for one child), volunteer with our local Community Action Team or register a child under 5 years old to receive books please email: [email protected] or message us on Facebook at Nassau Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy (follow us, too). You can learn more about us at

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