Nassau County School District Facilities Department Update

Nassau County School District

One of the greatest times for the Nassau County School District is when it opens a new facility, the latest being Wildlight Elementary School. The school, which consists of 110,000 square feet of space, is a Kindergarten through Fifth Grade facility serving the Yulee area. This facility (and all others to date) have been totally funded so no debt has been incurred by the School District.

The Nassau County School District’s Facilities Department consists of over 37 full time employees, plus support staff. Members of the support staff ensure that the work needed is fulfilled in a timely manner. The Department consists of three separate offices: Maintenance, Operations and New Construction.

The Maintenance Department consists of approximately 30 full time employees, plus support staff. It is directly responsible for maintaining and performing preventative maintenance on over 2.2 million square feet of facilities. This includes all schools, as well as all ancillary facilities such as Transportation, Support Facilities, and District related offices. To get a better grasp of the enormity of it all, and as an example, consider this: An average home in the United States is approximately 1800 square feet. This equals approximately 1,222 homes. Please keep in mind that these are commercial facilities as well.

The Operations Department has 7 full time employees that, among other items, are responsible for maintaining the grounds, such as mowing and all related activities. The School District has over 530 acres to maintain. The Department handles the delivery of all interoffice mail, the maintenance of lawn care equipment and custodial equipment. This Department takes care of all furniture installations and deliveries, picks up books from various locations for delivery to all schools as needed, and provides playground equipment repair and maintenance.

The School District’s goal is to provide the safest, cleanest classrooms possible and to ensure that every space is conducive to learning. The School District is working every day for the success of students and the improvement of Nassau County schools and continues to strive for excellence!

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