Nassau County Bird Club schedules Fort Clinch trip – April 27

Nassau County Bird Club
Press Release
Contact: Bill George
April 15, 2019 3:00 p.m.

The beauty of a Purple Gallinule in its natural habitat.  Photo taken at Sweetwater Wetland by Dan Kossman.

Please join us to look for warblers and other migrants Saturday morning the 27th 8:30 am by the bird kiosk parking lot in Ft. Clinch State Park. The parking lot is located by the beach and old pier.

Warbler migration is underway but has been difficult to observe unless there has been rain. Last week I observed hundreds of warblers at Ft. Clinch but only after a rain that caused a fallout of migrating birds. This Saturday could be good if forecasted thunderstorms occur on Friday. However, many of us will be observing Passover or Easter.

By the 27th enough Warblers will be flying through that they should be observable without rainfall.

Dress for weather conditions and bring binoculars and scopes for shorebirds.

Please call Bill George at 612-709-4998 if you have any questions.

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