George Crady Fishing Pier 20th Anniversary- A remembrance

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By Janie G. Thomas
July 13, 2019 9:00 a.m.

Florida’s 152nd State Park

For over 45 years, it has been my passion to protect our natural resources. In fact one of the first was Sawpit Creek…12 acres that don’t exist today.
God Created for ALL to enjoy our Waterways, Marshes, and Wetlands

It was 1998 when I learned of plans to blow up the Nassau Sound Bridge. I made it my goal to stop progress. This became a safe for folks to have a place to relax fish and provide food for their families. Catch the fish to eat (that does not get imported loaded with chemicals and antibiotics.) Fishing was goal No. 1. Bicyclists use as part of trail.
George Crady has always been my “go to person” especially on a 1979 Nassau County issue. Saving our local hospital, a story for another issue.

Naturally he never let his friends down and within 7 months after motion was made by County Commissioner David Howard the area at Nassau Sound (including Bridge) was made the 152nd Florida State Park (7-7-99).

Attorney Buddy Jacobs, Janie Thomas, former U.S. Representative George A. Crady, and Bob Joseph.

Thanks of my many friends who assisted me on making this event possible.

My committee: Nassau Sound Park. Advisory Committee (NSPAC)
(Aaron Bean Mayor of Fernandina, Ruth Cooper, Lowell Hall, Danny Moore. The late Dr. Clark Hoshall, Jean J VanGoidstonven, Rev R F Landford, Geri-Betz-Jackson)
Buddy Jacobs for his untiring efforts in getting legislation passed.

In addition to several agencies DOT, FPS, DEP, SJRWMD, oh yea on fast tract…
Barbara Goodman, Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve
Bob Joseph and staff Talbot Islands Florida Park Service, (Donald Forgonee), Department of Transportation (Ron Tittle)

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This is the second most used State Park in Florida.

Former State Representative Janet Adkins, State Senator Aaron Beach, and former U.S. Representative George Crady.

Allocates to our dear friend George Abraham Crady, State Representative 23 years, followed by Aaron Bean, 8 years and Janet Adtkins 8 years.

“Cast Off Ceremony” (7-7-99). It includes replica of World’s record Southern Flounder caught December 23, 1983 by Lorenzo Mungin, Jacksonville Police Officer.
15th Anniversary 2014.

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3 Responses to George Crady Fishing Pier 20th Anniversary- A remembrance

  1. H Bosch says:

    So when do we expect the path will OPEN to the bicycles so we do not risk life and limb on the other bridge with speeding and/or distracted drivers?

  2. Geraldine C Clare says:

    Some great Nassau citizens and especially you, Janie.

  3. Great foresight for these fine folks to see a use for the old bridge. It’s a nice place for a fun outdoor adventure.

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