Fernandina Main Street Director Resigns Local Leader Named Interim

Main Street Fernandina
Press Release
October 20, 2017 9:00 a.m.

The Executive Director of the Fernandina Beach Main Street program has submitted his resignation to the Board of Directors, effective Friday, October 27th.

In a letter to Fernandina Beach Main Street Chairman Bobby Ferreira, Jeff Kurtz expressed “his sincere appreciation for the opportunity to work on the program.” Mr. Kurtz, who relocated from Iowa, has served as the Executive Director for approximately two years.

“We appreciate all the work Jeff has done in establishing the Fernandina Beach Main Street program,” said Mr. Ferreira. “Due to his efforts, the program has a solid foundation on which to move forward. We wish him well in his future endeavors.”

Arlene Filkoff

Community leader Arlene Filkoff has been named interim director of the program. Mrs. Filkoff is the former mayor of Fernandina Beach and recently served as chairperson of the now idle CRA Advisory Board. Providing staff assistance to the CRA was a major component of the Main Street contract with the city of Fernandina Beach.

“We need to refocus Main Street on the priorities the city has set for the historic district. There are many projects underway, including a new wayfinding system and repairs to the marina. I love this community and hope I can contribute to moving these projects forward.”

“We feel very fortunate that Arlene was willing to step in for the next few months to help us re-energize Fernandina Beach Main Street. We have an important role to play in the community, and Arlene’s knowledge and enthusiasm will help us meet that obligation,” said Mr. Ferreira.

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2 Responses to Fernandina Main Street Director Resigns Local Leader Named Interim

  1. wilma allen says:

    What a terrific choice!!! Thank you, Arlene, for taking this on.

  2. Cathy Klein says:

    Jeff Kurtz has been a great facilitator and leader and will be missed by those of us involved in projects with him. Thank you, Jeff, and I wish you well.

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