Fernandina Beach High School Class of 2019 – Dept and Faculty Awards – Part 4

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May 7, 2019 1:00 a.m.

Editor’s Note: This is the fourth in a series of photos of senior award recipients taken at the FBHS Awards Ceremony held on April 30. Congratulations to the graduates of Fernandina Beach High School Class of 2018. It is always a pleasure to see so many happy students being recognized for their achievements. We wish them well.

Zaria Robbins and Mackenzie Millett  receive awards for English Literature and Composition from Chris Weber.
English Award goes to Kazuke Rocha, Seth Johns, and Logan Davis (no paticular order). Vice Principal Chris Weber (R-2)
Katie Slaughter receives the “Distinguished Speaker Award” and the “Social Studies Senior Award” from Chris Weber.

Distinguished Pen Award goes to Sarah Blackwelder, Kiersten London, Fiona Parkinson. Presenting the awards is Chris Weber (R – 3).
Assistant Principal Chris Weber presents “Underdog Comeback Kid Award” to Kayla Turner
Cole Strain (2-R) receives Yearbook Award for 3 years of service, and Yearbook Award for Head Editors for 3 years goes to Faith Twiggs Zaria Robins, McKenna Martin and Taylor McCormick the “Amazing Photography Editor.”  Chris Webber presented the awards.


Future Business Leader Awards are given by Vice Principal Chris Weber to Faith Twiggs and Brody Mandelbaum
Certified Community Emergency Response Team Awards given to Katie Slaughter, Mallory Monaghan, and Brooke Long.
Stephanie Adams presents Health Science/Nursing Assistant Awards to Somjai Bailey Kellee Blaisdale, Zachary Edenfield, Kylie Green, Nicole Hofman, Shelbea Holland, Tarina Nelms, Fiona Parkinson, Amanda Reed, Bailey Sharpe, Maya Shay, Yoleimy Soto-Diaz, Amber Tymczak. (Listed in no particular order.)
Junior Marshalls/Ushers for the 2019 Graduation will be Marshalls: Charlotte Hall, William Rushing, Alessandra Smith, Emily Vining, Jeremiah Giedrys, and Ushers: Sarah Lindbom, Brooke McAbee, Graham Murphy, Amelie Nichol, Penelope Carr, Emily Pittman. These are the top Juniors based on Grade Point Average at the end of the 1st Semester.
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