Dr. Peggy Bulger receives Legends and Legacies Award

Florida Folk Festival
Press Release
May 16, 2019 4:51 p.m.

Dr. Peggy A. Bulger is the recipient for the 2019 Legends and Legacies lifetime achievement award given to recognize those individuals who have been instrumental towards the success of the annual Florida Folk Festival held each year at the Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center State Park in White Springs, Florida. This year the festival committee is pleased to announce the selection of Peggy Bulger, the folklorist who started the Folklife Area of the Florida Folk Festival and who has had a continuous influence on the festival since her arrival to White Springs in the mid-70s.

Dr. Bulger and other members of the Florida Folklife Council and Amanda Hardeman, the state folklorist work together to make the Florida Folklife Area of the Florida Folk Festival an outstanding example of the cultural diversity found in Florida, and a celebration of Florida traditions. Legends and Legacies recognizes Peggy A. Bulger for her knowledge of the importance of celebrating the traditional cultures found in Florida and for her dedication to the Florida Folklife Area and the Florida Folk Festival.

Dr. Bulger retired in 2011 from her position as director of the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress in Washington DC and moved back to Florida where she is now a resident of Fernandina Beach, Florida.

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  1. Steven Crounse says:

    What a wonderful acknowledgment of a “Life Well spent” Congratulations. Peggie and I enjoy the Florida Folk Festival. What a Treasure. Thank You.

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