City’s Government Academy begins

City of Fernandina Beach
January 10, 2019 12:00 p.m.

City Manager Dale Martin addresses his inaugural Government Academy at the Nassau County Council on Aging. Mr. Martin accepted the first fifteen people who signed up- a group comprised of both newcomers and long-term residents. The course will run over the next six weeks and participants will learn about how the City is organized, its finances, operations, public safety, public works/utilities, and enterprise funds.

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2 Responses to City’s Government Academy begins

  1. Ben Martin says:

    Information is Power. This class sounds like something that will be good for the public interest.

  2. Steve Vogel says:

    My town, Decatur, Georgia, has been doing something like this for a number of years. We call it “Decatur 101”. There is now a followup program called “Decatur 202”.

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