Business is improving at the Port of Fernandina

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Submitted by Susan Hardee Steger
August 23, 2016 1:15 a.m.

Business is improving at the Port of Fernandina following a downturn in shipping activity during 2013 and 2014. According to Ocean Highway & Port Authority (OHPA) Attorney Clyde W. Davis, should the trend continue the port could “easily exceed the numbers of the previous three years.”

Port of fernandina

Reports from the July 13 meeting of the Ocean Highway & Port Authority, show the following:

Category 2015 2016 YTD Increase
Vessel Port Calls 47 58 11
Dockage Days 91 120 29
Total Tons 146,015 162,493 14,928

The strongest month of the year was in June with 34,230 tons of cargo moving through the port.  “The increased tonnage is driven by increased shipment of local products in the form of Kraft liner-board and lumber,” said Davis.

The Port of Fernandina has seen a decrease in container tonnage and  an increase in “break-bulk” shipping (separate pieces rather than containers).

Operating income and  net income YTD are up over last year’s figures. YTD revenues stand at $902,991.00, and exceed last year’s YTD earnings.  YTD expenditures have declined from $261,466 in 2015, to $253,403 in 2016.

Davis said, “Although we have not yet recovered from where we were when steel shipments were booming, our “numbers” show consistent, steady improvement. If we stay on track, we will easily exceed the numbers of the previous three years.”

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7 Responses to Business is improving at the Port of Fernandina

  1. Steven Crounse says:

    Interesting, there has not been a “peep” out of the Port for Months, But come Election time. We get “Good News” look at what this winning team has done. And who reports the “Good News” No other than, The Propaganda Minister, Mr.” We can do anything we want”, Clyde Davis. Not Kinder Morgan, Not the Port Authority, But their Legal Council. My monies on Jimmy Dubberly and Bob Sturgess to help turn this Communities own “Albatross” around. and to do it in a way that not Injurious to this City. Get out and Vote.

    • Mrs. D. Hunter says:

      This Davis remark isn’t even veiled: “If we stay on track [READ: if we don’t change anything], we will easily exceed the numbers of the previous three years.”

      Steve, who appoints Davis to the position of legal counsel, do you know?

  2. Wilma Allen says:

    Does this improvement mean there will be a profit? If so, who gets it and how is it used?

  3. Steven Crounse says:

    Pretty sure the Bank gets it, to help pay down the enormous outstanding Loan. Which needs to be Retired by 2020. But, this would be an opportunity for one of the Authority Commissioners to jump in and explain, the extent of the Loans, and there plan to Retire it. Anyone.?

  4. Karen Thompson says:

    Has the OHPA paid the city it’s yearly fee as required? They postponed last year’s payment… about paying the city with some of those earnings?

    • Steven Crounse says:

      According to the August, Tonnage Figures, to date the Port is Down for the year. Increase in Tonnage Cost through the Port.? or betting on an increase over the next few months? Seems the figures don’t square, with the announcement. Just Asking.

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