Arson arrest made in Amelia Hotel fire

Fernandina Beach Police Department
Submitted by James T. Hurley, Chief
June 11, 2018 12:18 p.m.

Lisa Cirulnick is booked in the Nassau County Jail.

At 10:45 AM on June 10, 2018 the Fernandina Beach Police Department was dispatched to the Amelia Hotel & Suites at 1997 South Fletcher Avenue regarding a structure fire inside the hotel and contained within one guest room. Upon arrival officers made contact with the hotel staff and began assisting the Fernandina Beach Fire Rescue with the evacuation process.

As the fire alarm activated and hotel staff was busy notifying emergency services, a registered guest approached the front desk and asked to retrieve her personal ID that was locked in the hotel safe at her request. She became irate and assaulted the hotel clerk by throwing a laptop computer and striking the clerk. The woman then announced that she had set the bed on fire in her room.

The registered guest left the property on foot before being identified as the arson suspect. It was determined that Lisa Cirulnick, 50 years of age, was the same woman that was registered in room #212 and was the same woman that admitted to setting fire to the bed. It is unknown what provoked such behavior.

Cirulnick was eventually located in the 2900 Block of South Fletcher Avenue. Upon contact with officers she became physically combative, attacking and resisting attempts to take her into custody. She attempted to pull one officer into the roadway while he was placing her under arrest.

Cirulnick was charged with arson, resisting a law enforcement officer with violence, and simple battery.

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  1. Gordy Thomas says:

    Thanks to both departments for their quick action. I had the room across the hall, room 211

  2. Danielle Guidry says:

    Good job FBFD. As always… THANK YOU

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