Writers by the Sea presents “The Author’s Digital Footprint”

Writers by the Sea
CONTACT: Nadine Vaughan D’Ardenne
Director [email protected]
March 12 2018 3:00 p.m.

EVENT: Writers by the Sea Presents… The Author ’s Digital Footprint
DATE: March 15, 2018 LOCATION: Amelia Island Museum of History 233 S. 3rd St., Fernandina Beach, FL TIME: 6:00pm On March 15, 2018, join us at the Writers by the Sea Presents presentation of the Author ’s Digital Footprint, with Mark Ezra Stokes and Dr. J.

Dr J. and Mark Ezra Stokes

Many people can write; some quite well. But if no one can find your work you cannot succeed. The purpose of this presentation is to share with our writers, ways to drive readers to our works through social media. Topics include ways of funneling fans to your website; identifying elements of a compelling website (including best practices); knowledge of social media information; and a review of what’s worked for other authors. Expert opinions are offered by Mark Ezra Stokes, a Story Consultant from Savannah, Georgia and by Dr. J., an Executive Board Member for Writers by the Sea.

ABOUT THE PRESENTERS: Mark Ezra Stokes is known for his work with students of all ages as a screenwriting workshop facilitator and as an Holistic Storyteller. With an MA in Screenwriting & Film Studies, plus an MFA in Screenwriting, he is able to provide in-depth content for students and for the clients he serves as a script doctor. Dr. J. is a retired college professor and therapist, who picked up the pen after moving to Amelia Island. Her works include Bellesa Stories and Bedtime Diaries. In them, she focuses on what’s hot and spicy They are published by eXcessica Publishing, Radish Fiction, and Cleis Press.