St. Marys Tall Ship Alliance announces visit of “Nina” and “Pinta” to Fernandina Beach, April 23-May 3, 2020

St. Marys Tall Ships Alliance
February 7, 2020​

The St. Marys Tall Ships Alliance in cooperation with the City of Fernandina Beach is excited to announce the arrival and visit of the world famous Columbus Foundation Tall Ships ” Nina and Pinta ” into Fernandina Beach, Fla. Tall Ships Nina and Pinta will be sailing into Fernandina Harbor Marina on April 23rd. The Captain and crew have invited City officials, media and the public to come welcome them into Fernandina Harbor Marina at 3 S. Front Street in Downtown Fernandina Beach, Florida. Arrival time is sometime between 1pm-4pm. ( Arrival time will be updated on the 22nd at

For additional information and question contact St Marys Tall Ship Alliance at [email protected] or at 912-254-0110.

The world’s famous Columbus Foundation tall ships Nina and Pinta are the most historically accurate replicas of Christopher Columbus ships that have ever been built and are the only Nina and Pinta replicas that are in existence today. Both ships sail together in the western hemisphere as a sailing and floating museum with the purpose of educating the public and schools about the history of a Caravel Style sailing ship that were used by Columbus and other explorers during the 15th century. The Public can step aboard and be whisked back in time are surrounded by the design and material that was used for a historic Caravel style 15th century sailing ship. You are able to step in time as you enjoy the exhibits aboard both ships that highlight the history of the age of discovery, navigation of that era, how the ships were build and will see what life was like aboard the nina and pinta over 500 years ago. The ships Guest are encouraged to take their time and experiences the history that these amazing tall ship have to offer and to talk or ask any question with the ships crew members that will be available on deck.

Talls Ships Nina and Pinta will be open to the public for deck tours April 24th through May 3rd. Public deck tours are available daily 9am til 6pm. They will be offering self-guided deck tours and guided tours. Self-guided are for individuals that arrive during open hours, pay to go aboard and take their time experiencing both ships. Deck tour tickets are general admission (one price allows you to tour both ships) prices are $8.50 (for adults), $7.50 (for seniors), $6.50 (for ages 5-16); ages 4 and under are free. Guided Deck tours are for groups of 15 or more paying guests. and are a great educational event that is ideal for schools and organizations. For addition information please go to or contact St Marys Tall Ship Alliance at [email protected] or at 912-254-0110

Groups will be assigned a tour guide. The tour will last an average of 30-45 minutes with time split between ships. Once the tour has ended guest are welcome to stay and take as much time as they would like to go back and review the exhibits that were discussed during the tour and are welcome to ask questions of any of the crew members available on the ships’ decks. Maximum number of people allowed in a 30-minute time slot is 100. All groups with over 100 people will need to request an additional time slot. Groups need to reserve their visit prior to the ships at, [email protected] or by calling (787) 672-2152.

Groups receive a reduce ticket price of $ 5.00 per person. Tall Ship Pinta will be available to be chartered for Dockside Corporate, or group events. Limited dates are available ( April 24th-April 30th ). Reservations are required 3 weeks prior to the Nina and Pinta Fernandina Beach visit. For addition information please go to or contact St Marys Tall Ship Alliance at [email protected] or at 912-254-0110

St Marys Tall Ship Alliance’s primary mission and purpose is to promote the world’s historical tall ships along with promoting and organizing public tall ship events for the southern Georgia and Northern Florida coast. The Alliance is a Georgia 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that celebrates the rich maritime history of tall ship that are still sailing today. St Marys Tall Ship Alliance is a young and rapidly growing tall ship alliance that has organized several successful tall ship events in the last couple of years. The Alliance’s has shown that our efforts has established a point of interest for both Northern Florida and Southern Georgia coast that also creates a points of interest for tourism from all points North and South of the Florida / Georgia areas.

The Fernandina Observer notes that while the tall ships’ visit overlaps with the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival, it is not affiliated with that event.

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Charlotte Hutson Wrenn
Charlotte Hutson Wrenn (@guest_56585)
3 years ago

Delightful news!