O’Brien’s: A Bit of Grease, Good Fare, but You’d Better Like Beer

By Dylan Bailey

An authentic Irish pub experience is a rarity in these parts. So, I couldn’t resist the lure of O’Brien’s Irish Pub. With my Irish roots tingling in anticipation, I made my way to the small pub.

The first encounter with O’Brien’s is likely to be quite unassuming. On the outside, it’s not much more than a typical bar and grill with a dash of Irish flair. It was originally Overtime Bar & Grill, so that might explain a lot. However, do not let the modest exterior deter you. This pub is all about the inside story.

Stepping through the doors of O’Brien’s, you are engulfed in an atmosphere that is both cozy and relaxed. The dim lighting adds an air of mystery, creating a perfect setting for a laid-back evening of watching sports. The bar, a bustling hub of activity, is filled with patrons sipping on their drinks and engageing in lively banter with the staff.

Unlike many establishments that boast extensive drink menus, O’Brien’s specializes in beer with a side of wine. It may not be the place for fancy cocktails, but it is undeniably a haven for beer lovers. Simple yet satisfying, their drink selection complements the menu perfectly.

One thing I appreciated about O’Brien’s was its active role in the community. Almost every night, there is an event – open mic sessions, karaoke nights, and more. This community involvement, combined with their efforts to partner with local businesses, adds an endearing quality to the establishment.

The appetizers all sounded fantastic, but I had to narrow it down. I decided to try the pub pretzel bites, served with beer cheese sauce. These morsels were a salty delight, their flavor enhanced by the robust beer cheese sauce. I could easily eat these every day.

The main course menu at O’Brien’s was a treat for the senses. I opted for something that screamed pub food: bangers and mash. The sausages, braised in beer, were flavorful and had a wonderful sage flavor. They were perfectly complemented by the mashed potatoes and the delicious onion shallot gravy.

Another classic dish I tried was fish and chips. The fish, which was bigger than my head, was perfectly fried and succulent. The chips were tasty and the tartar sauce added the perfect tangy flavor to the dish. I also added a side of cheese curds and was not disappointed. Fried, cheesy and just the right amount of grease.

While O’Brien’s may not be the place for a fine-dining experience, it’s definitely a place to unwind and enjoy some delicious food. The friendly staff, the relaxed atmosphere, and the mouth-watering food make it a place worth visiting. And if you’re a sports fan, this may become your next favorite spot.

O’Brien’s Irish Pub

Website: www.facebook.com/p/OBriens-Irish-Pub-100063523813821/

Address: 320 S. Eighth St., Fernandina Beach, FL

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Barb Gingher
Active Member
Barb Gingher(@drbarbg)
1 month ago

Who needs fine dining when you have a great place like this to unwind and invite casual. Good job!