Just Truckin’ to Hot Dog House FL

By Dylan Bailey

Over the past few years, food trucks have found a new footing in the community. From subdivisions to church gatherings, they’re able to go where traditional brick-and-mortar stores can’t. I had the opportunity to try a local favorite: Hot Dog House FL.

The owner, Jennifer Mayo, who used to be a teacher, opened the food truck a little less than a year ago. Her charm and infectiously warm attitude make it easy to see why there is a positive buzz surrounding her food.

I’d stopped by the food truck once, on a whim, before deciding to write this review. Once I tasted the food, I knew I had to visit again and do a proper write-up. Even though it had been a few days, Jennifer remembered my previous order and greeted me with a warm smile. It was like visiting a friend.

One thing special about this food truck is how Jennifer has won over the community. If you visit the official Facebook page, you’ll find frequent posts about how she’s served those in Nassau County. From Gracie’s Kitchen and Hope House to an option on the menu where you can buy a meal for someone in need, there’s no shortage of love being served here.

The menu has a nice amount of variety, with more than just hot dogs. Pulled pork sandwiches, Italian sausages, and even veggie dogs are available. If you can’t eat gluten or need to avoid bread, there’s a bowl option available, too.

For this visit, I decided to try the Mac Attack ($9) and Doggie Bag ($7). Jennifer made the food quickly and kept up great conversation until I was on my way with two hefty containers.

The Mac Attack came with an all-beef jumbo frank, filleted down the middle, atop a soft, pillowy bun. Covering it was a mountainous portion of macaroni, bacon, and onions. Each bite was pure bliss, and the jumbo frank’s flavor with the smokey bacon, cheesy macaroni, and poignant crunch from the onions, was phenomenal.

The Doggie Bag came with a base of Fritos, blanketed with chili and three toppings. I went with cheese, sour cream, and the Kong pico. If you’ve had a Frito pie, this is similar, but for the price you’re getting an extremely filling meal. The chili was flavorful and the salty crunch from the chips was perfect. The sharpness of the cheddar, with the tangy sour cream and the flavorful pico, was absolutely fantastic.

When you visit Jennifer’s food truck, make sure you come hungry. I finished the Mac Attack for lunch and was able to fill up for dinner with the rest of the Doggie Bag. The servings were incredibly generous, and coupled with the friendliness of the owner, ordering here was an absolute treat.

Hot Dog House FL

Address: 2990 S. Eighth St. (Turner Ace Hardware), Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

Phone: 904-654-4534

Website: https://hotdoghouseFL.com

Open: Monday – Friday

Hours: 12-3 p.m.

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Margo Story
Margo Story (@guest_68704)
7 months ago

Sounds delish, I will try…….

7 months ago
Reply to  Margo Story

You won’t regret it!

bob (@guest_68705)
7 months ago

dang….. now I’m hungry !!!!!!!

Peter (@guest_68797)
7 months ago

Had the chili slaw dog. It is a full meal and excellent . They are at the ACE Hardware on the island I think on Thursday or Wednesday.

Jen Mayo
Jen Mayo (@guest_68843)
7 months ago

Thank you for the such wonderful words! In May, we will be at Turner Ace on the Island T-F 12-3 (weather and events permitting)