Natural Slice Lets You Hang 10 While Staying Cool With Frozen Yogurt


If someone ever told you that you can’t have your pizza and frozen yogurt and eat them too, well, they lied to you. Within the Shops at Omni Amelia Island, Natural Slice, a surf-inspired pizza joint shares a space with Mellow Yellow, a vibrant frozen yogurt shop.

The shop's interior is an eclectic mix of surfboards, arcade machines, and the ever-alluring aroma of freshly baked pizzas. And on the opposite side of the room is a wall with a myriad of different toppings and sauces you can customize your frozen yogurt with.

Natural Slice has a handful of pizzas and salads to choose from. The option of trying their “by-the-slice” pieces tempted me, but with each slice priced at $6, I ordered their large pizza and a salad.

The spinach ($11) salad comes with a thick bed of spinach, topped with oranges, hearts of palm and radishes. An absolutely beautiful array of colors. The color of the oranges against the deep green of the spinach and then a choice of dressings – balsamic vinaigrette being tasty – made this very appealing.

I put in my order for the Beachcomber, which is Natural Slice’s take on a Hawaiian pizza, and while waiting, I created a frozen yogurt cup. There’s something so fun about the color scheme they used for this. The yellow, red and white hearken back to a classic diner from the ‘50s.

Mellow Yellow charges by weight, so you can go to town with the amount of frozen yogurt or toppings to your heart’s content. I created a monstrosity that any middle-schooler would love. I started with their Zebra Swirl – chocolate and vanilla – then piled on cheesecake bites, brownies chunks, gummy sharks, Reese’s Pieces, Oreo crumbles, caramel sauce and Heath crumbles. And it was disgustingly good.

After about 10 minutes, my pizza was fresh out of the oven. The Beachcomber ($18) with parmesan, mozzarella, pineapple, red chili and bacon was fantastic. The crust is light and crispy, giving the toppings room to breathe. If you’re a fan of pizza that isn’t sauced up, then you’ll definitely enjoy this. I’d absolutely come back for more.

Looking at the menu, I saw a note about their crust: “Our signature saltwater crust is created with salt harvested straight from the local water of the Atlantic Ocean.” And that’s cool! But I wouldn’t have noticed any difference in how they made the crust. Still good, but don’t expect that to make the crust pop.

At Natural Slice, you can also grab a Freezie, soda, beer, wine, etc. There’s no shortage of beverages to pair with your pizza.

If I was a kid again, this is where I’d want to throw a birthday party. The interior is fun; the food is great, and the frozen yogurt has limitless possibilities. While an $18 pizza is up there, I was more than pleased with the flavor. In fact, I’m eating a slice of the Beachcomber pizza while writing this.

Mellow Yellow + Natural Slice


Address: 39 Beach Lagoon Rd., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034