A Huge Gift to the Council on Aging


Janice Ancrum, Julie Wood, Karen Hackett

Nassau County Council on Aging (NCCOA)  has received a gift of $4.9 million from Tom and Julie Wood Family Foundation to support, enhance and create new programs for seniors in Nassau County. In addition, the gift will pay off the mortgage at the Janice Ancrum Senior Life Center, 1901 Island Walk Way, in Fernandina Beach.

This transformational gift, by far the largest single donation ever received by NCCOA, will provide operational support to help seniors “age in place” and expand nutrition programs. This gift will also create the first endowment to support future needs throughout the county. This endowment will be spread over the next four years and will require some matching dollars in order to receive the full amount.

“Our mission to ensure seniors live happy, healthy lives is now strengthened by this incredibly generous gift from Julie Wood and her family foundation,“ said Janice Ancrum, President and CEO, NCCOA. “We are extremely grateful to Mrs. Wood and her family for helping our seniors receive critical services for aging in place. These are restricted dollars for specific initiatives, and we will continue to count on our wonderful community for ongoing fundraising efforts to provide our core programs. Thank you for believing in us and our mission.”

Before he died of lung cancer in 2010, Tom Wood and his wife Julie decided to start a family foundation as a way to contribute to the community. Married for 51 years, Mrs. Wood is now carrying out their vision with son Jeff and daughter-in-law April.

“My heart goes out to our seniors and we’re so grateful to have Nassau County Council on Aging,” said Mrs. Wood. “Under Janice’s leadership, our community has come together to support this mission and help promote independence, dignity, health and safety for older adults, their caregivers and families. I’m blessed to be able to honor my husband in this way and give back at the same time.”

Karen Hackett, Chair, NCCOA Board of Directors, added that this generous gift will help NCCOA continue to meet the needs of Nassau County’s rapidly increasing senior population.

“Julie Wood and her family’s benevolence for our community’s seniors is awe-inspiring,” Ms. Hackett said. “The lasting impact on our community is immeasurable.”